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Characterizing Graduation Cakes

August 22, 2013 By: Cakes Category: Cake Ideas


graduation cake 2 Characterizing Graduation Cakes

Purple Gold Graduation Cakes

Graduation Cakes are the most traditional and expressive way of congratulating young up-coming leaders. This is a point in life where the decision of future is taken. Starting from a customize theme cake to a funny notorious pattern there are variety of cakes are designed these days.

Get started with a simple two tier cake with check blocks at the bottom tier in black and white a clean red ribbon on second tier with a rolled degree and finally topping it with graduation hat is an elegant choice. Also on the base of cake leaving a message to congratulate the graduated one adds the personalized approach.

Design it semi oval displaying earth upper half portion and toy cake of a graduating boy standing on top of earth in hurray position is something worth cheering for. Just like winning the world…

It is always a great idea to design a customize cake keeping in mind any favorite cuisine, thing, etc of the graduating one and apply it on cake design. Like cake in design of apple pie or lemon tart, something like a face of a boy holding a book style cake piece in which a message is written about future or finally being a graduate. You can also get the image imprinting on cake so to add a personal charm.

One final note whenever you are up-to ordering a graduation cake make sure you add at least one personalized touch to make sure it is unique and made especially for the one. Share your experiences with us and keep reading for more amazing ideas for cakes for your special events.


Characterizing Graduation Cakes Pictures


graduation cake 1 Characterizing Graduation Cakes

A Graduation Cake with a top I believe that is not edible!


graduation cake 5 Characterizing Graduation Cakes

A Lime Blue Graduation Cake Idea for 2013


graduation cake 6 Characterizing Graduation Cakes

Gorgeous Graduation Cakes with gold accents


graduation cake 3 Characterizing Graduation Cakes

A 2013 Graduation Cake with stars


graduation cake 4 Characterizing Graduation Cakes

A Purple White Graduation Cake Idea


A Rising Trend – Wedding Cupcakes

August 09, 2013 By: Cakes Category: Wedding Cakes

pretty wedding cupcakes A Rising Trend   Wedding Cupcakes

pretty wedding cupcakes


The days when the groom and bride used to share a 3, 4 or 5 tier weeding cakes are long gone. Presently, most people are opting for wedding cupcakes which offer a simple cake solution but still maintain the same level of elegance of a huge tier cake.

More and more wedding experts are increasingly admitting that the brides can offer alternative deserts such as cupcakes. This has resulted to most people choosing desserts that fit their lifestyle and if a large wedding cake does not fit the budget, brides are choosing wedding cupcakes.

This trend has especially become very popular in California. Some of the reasons why wedding cupcake are quickly replacing the traditional large wedding cakes are:

– Wedding cupcakes are versatile as they can be used made with a variety of flavor unlike the traditional wedding cakes that came with a single flavor

– Wedding cupcakes are trendy and they are in every latest wedding magazines

– Wedding cupcakes are easy to make.


A Rising Trend – Wedding Cupcakes Pictures


refreshing wedding cupcakes A Rising Trend   Wedding Cupcakes

refreshing wedding cupcakes


sweet wedding cupcakes A Rising Trend   Wedding Cupcakes

sweet wedding cupcakes


pink wedding cupcakes A Rising Trend   Wedding Cupcakes

pink wedding cupcakes


Cute wedding cupcakes A Rising Trend   Wedding Cupcakes

Cute wedding cupcakes


bridal shower wedding cupcakes A Rising Trend   Wedding Cupcakes

bridal shower wedding cupcakes


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