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The New Wave of Custom Cake Toppers

October 06, 2013 By: Cakes Category: Cake Toppers

Custom Cake Toppers 5 The New Wave of Custom Cake Toppers

Custom Cake Toppers that are perfect for military weddings!

If you’re the kind of person that think of most cake toppers as being outdated and tacky, then be prepared to explore the creative world of custom cake toppers. Here you can choose to have any kind of your preferred cake toppers; for instance, you can decide to settle for funny, scary, creative, friendly or just a wonderful cake topper. Here are a few practical tips on how to choose the most adorable custom cake toppers:

Back from the days where cake toppers were simple figurine structures, custom cake toppers have now evolved in that they can now be used to portray the celebrants’ unique characteristics. This can either be funny, silly or funky depending on your predilection. The cake toppers should certainly show the celebrants’ hobbies, careers, pets not forgetting all their interests.

The custom cake toppers can come as an ample opportunity for the celebrants to show a splash of their personality during the event. This can range from interests, sports to a whole lot of their personal life. You can simply decide to go for a Dj themed or a belle custom cake topper if you’re the funky type, or just a simple cake topper if simplicity is your way of life.

It’s high time everyone considered putting their thinking caps on by coming up with crazy ideas to top up their cake. With all these simple tips, then you’re far-fetched to come up with adorable custom cake toppers that will definitely match the event.


Custom Cake Toppers Pictures


Custom Cake Toppers 6 The New Wave of Custom Cake Toppers

A Cool Family Custom Cake Topper Idea


Custom Cake Toppers 4 The New Wave of Custom Cake Toppers

A Wedding Cake Topper with Custom Wedding Dress and Cloud


Custom Cake Toppers 3 The New Wave of Custom Cake Toppers

Custom Cake Topper Ideas for Lovers


Custom Cake Toppers 2 The New Wave of Custom Cake Toppers

A Sports Themed Custom Cake Topper for a Wedding


Custom Cake Toppers 1 The New Wave of Custom Cake Toppers

A Custom Cake Topper Design for couples


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