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Elmo Cake Ideas for Children Parties

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Elmo Cake Ideas 2 Elmo Cake Ideas for Children Parties

Elmo Cake Ideas for Birthday Parties

Presently, no child can enjoy a birthday party unless he or she sees an Elmo cake, the centerpiece for children parties. And currently as I speak, Elmo is an industry on its own–an industry that deals with Elmo backpacks,books, toys, home decor and cakes. And since Elmo itself is a licensed character, bakeries must buy the license before they can start producing Elmo cakes or their decorations. Fortunately, there are several ideas that you can use to bring Elmo cake back to life without straining; and the best part is that these ideas can be executed right from your home. Let’s now have a detailed look at some of these Elmo cake ideas:

Shaped cakes

You can either buy a cake with the shape of an Elmo’s head, or simply design one using an Elmo pan. Most of these cakes can, in fact, cost you less that a $15, and they usually come with the indentation of the face details to help you fill in the details using the colored icing. But if you decide to bake the cake instead of buying it, then you should let it cool after you’re done with the baking before you can actually progress with the icing part. Preferably, you should use a red icing for the fur, the white icing for the eyes and the orange icing for the nose. Black icing, on the other hand, can be used to decorate the pupil and the mouth.

Photo cake

The easiest way to make an Elmo cake is to decorate your cake with an edible photo of an Elmo. These photos can be bought from any on-line retail bakery or from any party supply store. Alternatively, you can easily decide to make your own edible Elmo paper from an edible photo paper or from a printable piece of rice paper. Such papers are actually inexpensive and very easy to design. In fact, all you have to do is to place a smooth frosting layer on your cake; then, remove the photo transfer backing before applying the image on your cake.


Elmo Cake Ideas Pictures


Elmo Cake Ideas 1 Elmo Cake Ideas for Children Parties

Cute Elmo Cake Idea covered with icing


Elmo Cake Ideas 3 Elmo Cake Ideas for Children Parties

Elmo Cake Idea for your Son – Happy Birthday Ethan


Elmo Cake Ideas 4 Elmo Cake Ideas for Children Parties

Butter-cream Elmo Cake for your Daughter’s 1st birthday


Elmo Cake Ideas 5 Elmo Cake Ideas for Children Parties

Elmo Cupcake Ideas


Elmo Cake Ideas 6 Elmo Cake Ideas for Children Parties

Elmo Cake Idea – With sliced-off tops of cupcakes for the eyes and noses


Elmo Cake Ideas 8 728x1024 Elmo Cake Ideas for Children Parties

Elmo Cake Party Color Ideas – Pink, Red, and Orange

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