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best novelty cakes Novelty Cakes

Best Novelty Cakes


Novelty cakes have good taste and nice decorations on top of it. The problem on this kind of cake is the density of the cake itself. In order to make good novelty cakes, you should have strong and thick cake. The details on the top of the cake are heavy since you will use sugar paste, jam, and butter. You can use thick Madeira cake recipe. This recipe has thick and firm dough when you bake it. This is the best option for heavy detail on the cake. Make sure you make the layer free of crumb and smooth. Use smooth butter cream as glue before applying the sugar paste on your Novelty cakes.


Novelty Cakes Pictures

cute novelty cake ideas Novelty Cakes

Cute Novelty Cake Ideas


handbag cakes novelty Novelty Cakes

Handbag Cakes Novelty


novelty cake butterfly Novelty Cakes

Novelty Cake Butterfly


novelty cakes Novelty Cakes

Novelty Cakes


novelty cakes 2013 Novelty Cakes

Novelty Cakes 2013


novelty sandals cakes Novelty Cakes

Novelty Sandals Cakes


playstation novelty cakes Novelty Cakes

Playstation Novelty Cakes


titanic cakes Novelty Cakes

Titanic Cakes

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