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Top 3 Princess Cake Ideas

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Talk of a royal celebration for a princess and you definitely ought to mention a princess cake. Just like the name suggests, princess cakes trace their roots to Swedish royal families. They were the most adored cakes by princess and that’s how they managed to earn the name, the princess cakes. So, what are some of the sensual princess cake ideas to choose from?

1. Crown cake

You can choose to declare the celebrant your queen by designing a majestic crown on the cake. The crown can be designed using tinted icings and the celebrants favorite colors. You can go a step further and incorporate some meaningful symbols and personalized messages.

Princess Cake Ideas 7 Top 3 Princess Cake Ideas

Princess Crown Cake Idea


2. Princess merry go round cake

Make that day special for your young princess by customizing a special merry go round cake for her. This can be a perfect choice of a birthday cake for the little ones. You can incorporate other features like a decorated horse and pastel drop flowers, all put under the canopy of the merry go round.

Princess Cake Ideas 8 Top 3 Princess Cake Ideas

Carousel Fondant Merry-Go-Around Cake


3. Enchanted castle cakes

You can choose to use brightly colored icings, customized messages and piped details to transform an enchanted castle cake into an incredible birthday cake treat. Decorate the cake in order by making the background areas and ice sides smooth using thinned white icing. You can ice the inside of the windows using dark rose icing.


Princess Cake Ideas 9 Top 3 Princess Cake Ideas

Enchanted Castle Cake in Pink and Frosty

Some More Princess Cake Ideas!


Princess Cake Ideas 1 Top 3 Princess Cake Ideas

A Purple Princess Cake Idea


Princess Cake Ideas 2 Top 3 Princess Cake Ideas

Princess Cake Idea for Her!


Princess Cake Ideas 5 Top 3 Princess Cake Ideas

A Simple and Elegant Princess Cake Idea!


Princess Cake Ideas 4 Top 3 Princess Cake Ideas

Disney Princess Cake Ideas


Princess Cake Ideas 6 Top 3 Princess Cake Ideas

Cute Fondant Princess Cake Ideas


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